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History of The Banner

The Banner was started in 1989 by Cumberland Media, Inc. (CMI) in Mt Vernon/Renfro Valley, KY as a partner media source to the WRVK (1460am) radio station. In the begining when someone called a classified ad into the radio station's "Talk N Trade" program it was placed as a classified ad in the banner. In 2002 the radio station and the Banner split their connection and went their own ways when CMI sold the radio station. Three years later, in 2005, CMI sold the paper to its current publisher, John Tyler. The Banner became a subsidiary of, John's Cellular LLC. Since 2005 The Banner has added a number of distribution points including adding Danville and Boyle County.  The Banner has went through a number of changes over the past decade and a half and it continues to change as it grows and adapts to the public.

Over the years the Banner went from a weekly publication to a biweekly/semi monthly publication.  Over the years the paper has played with the idea of going back to weekly publications, for example in 2005 when there was a fifth week in one of the months an extra issue of the banner was printed. Then in March 2007 an issue was printed every week as a part of customer appreciation month.
In 2009 The Banner celebrated its 20 year anniversary. Looking back The Banner has seen a lot of changes including changing formats, publishers, printers, etc. Yet, it seems one of the larger changes that the public has enjoyed and taken to quickly is the addition of the website. Who knows what changes The Banner will have in the future.
Charles & Bobbie Saylor purchased The Banner in March 2011 and presently operate it under Saylor Broadcasting Inc, along with the WRVK radio staion. The Banner has come ful circle to join forces with the radio station again. They have lived in the Mount Vernon area for over 26years where they own and operate Saylors Furniture. Located at 35 Lovell Lane in Mount Vernon.
According to Charles and Bobbie "our mission statement for The Banner is to increase our reading audience and our delivery area to included all towns within a 40 mile radious. To make our office more available and to add articles and stories that are important to this area. We will do our up most to deliver a good honest poduct that better serves our readers!"