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Sunday 09/21/2014 12:06:57 MDT
Thank you for visiting my site. Here you can leave your comments.
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80 Deb

Monday 08/01/2011 21:08:30 MDT
my sister has 2 toy poodles(black) mother wt.less than 5 pounds father wt.3.? pounds puppys maybe teacups very small short legs and nose. 7 wks old 350.00

Phone number: 606-271-8535
79 gary langford jr

Saturday 07/30/2011 11:57:07 MDT

Phone number: 6062192918
78 Deb

Tuesday 06/28/2011 20:44:58 MDT
looking for a good home for my minture schauzer 2 year old female (black) 100.00

Phone number: 606-271-8535
77 Deb

Tuesday 06/28/2011 20:43:16 MDT
looking for a good treadmill

Phone number: 606-271-8535
76 Deb

Tuesday 06/28/2011 20:42:11 MDT
Jeans size 40 and 42 mens 3.00 each

Phone number: 606-271-8535
75 Kris Royce

Monday 06/13/2011 15:08:42 MDT
Hello. I live in the Broughtontown area, and have novely plates for your transportation for sale. Reasonable. 8.00 each, including Git-R-Done, USA, ARMY, NAVY, Nascar and some for deer hunters. If this sounds like you then send me an email or call and I will happily assist you. I also sell organic produce from my garden, at a better price than the stores. I don't have to pay rent and they do. Thanks.

Phone number: 606-282-0653
74 Joanna Powell

Tuesday 06/07/2011 12:01:17 MDT
Love the banner alot of great buys

Phone number: 6062560734
73 Deb

Saturday 05/28/2011 12:28:43 MDT
female english bulldog mix free to a good home can be inside or out

Phone number: 606-271-8535
72 chris

Monday 04/25/2011 09:04:34 MDT
Elderly and disabled lawn care. I will take care of your lawn for a very reasonable rate. Prices quoted per job will work with anyone. Can bring my equiptment or use yours.

Phone number: 606-308-5294
71 Chris Kincer

Wednesday 04/20/2011 08:13:26 MDT
Automotive and small engine repair. Quality work at reasonable rates. Ask for Chris.

Phone number: 606-256-5077 or 606-308-4962
70 Lisa Azbill

Thursday 04/14/2011 14:03:19 MDT
Yorkie is $150----forgot to list this

Phone number: 606 256-5957
69 Lisa Azbill

Thursday 04/14/2011 14:00:28 MDT
I have a very small yorkie female to rehome. She's 7 yr old, friendly with all, but younger kids scare her---she will hide from them, but is not aggressive. She's AKC reg. Loves to car ride, likes to wear clothes. Will come with a few outfits. Call for more info.

Phone number: 606 256-5957
68 Lisa Azbill

Thursday 04/14/2011 13:55:42 MDT
I have a small chihuahua/mini pincher mix to rehome. she was a rescue and is a senior. She's got a lot of teeth missing, so she has to be on soft foods. She's very small, only about 3 lbs. so a home with small children isn't for her. Call for more info. $30 rehome fee.

Phone number: 606 256-5957
67 Lisa Azbill

Thursday 04/14/2011 13:50:53 MDT
I have 2 toy poodles to rehome. Both are males, one about 3 years old--the other is 9 years. Both are solid black, the 9 yr. old is fixed, but the younger one isn't. $50 call for more info.

Phone number: 606 256-5957
66 Lisa Azbill

Thursday 04/14/2011 13:00:57 MDT
I have poodle mix pups to rehome. Their mom is a mini schnauzer/pomeranian mix, about the size of a toy poodle. The dad is a solid white toy poodle. They are about 4 months old, male and female avail. All have the curled tails of the pom, 2 white, 1 cream, 1 party colored, 1 tan & 1 black. Will be small----$50 Call for more info.

Phone number: 606 256-5957
65 Kristan Reuss

Monday 04/11/2011 05:28:59 MDT
I have lots of work pants for sale. The colors are green gray, blue, khaki, and white. They range from Size 0-50, in Mens, Womens, and childrens. Great to wear out to work in, or let the kids play in without ruining their clothes. You can search through them at my home, by calling Kristy@606-282-0653

Phone number: 606-282-0653
64 Freida

Tuesday 03/29/2011 19:57:07 MDT
Want to buy a set of bunk beds in very good condition.

Phone number: 606-669-5190
63 Deb

Thursday 03/17/2011 13:39:21 MDT
english bulldog female 7 months old 40.00

Phone number: 606-271-8535
62 Rebecca Branham

Saturday 03/12/2011 09:01:30 MST
lincoln pro 180 mig welder $450, ford explorer bad transmission great otherwise $2750 firm, size 16 prom dress, boyds bear collection call 606-510-0585

Phone number: 606-510-0585
61 Deb

Friday 03/11/2011 21:38:35 MST
Matterss,box springs,frame twin size great shape 60.00----Couch full size blue 60.00

Phone number: 606-271-8535


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